Are you a Person who feels lost and confused? 

Life is tough, but it is even more difficult when you find that you are struggling with your identity. Whether it is your professional identity, sexual identity or gender identity (among others), you are confused and you can't really tell who you are. Inspirational quotes and t-shirts tell you to "do you" but you don't even know where to start--or even what that means. You might feel like you are one person on Facebook, another person to your friends, and yet another person to your family. Your identity struggle has led to anxiety and you fear that it might lead to depression--if it hasn't already. 

With genuine care and empathy, I help people examine their current sense of self, their ideal self, and the roadblocks which are getting in the way. I provide a safe, optimistic space where individuals feel respected, become less confused, fight through depression and anxiety and obtain the tools for becoming the person they are meant to be. 

Download this quiz to see How you feel about your current self. If you decide that you would like to gain clarity about yourself and unlock your true potential, either email me at or contact me at 216-309-1559 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.