You started your transition and you feel great--on the outside.

Inside, you feel anxious and less confident. You wonder if you've made the right decision about your transition, you wonder if your parents will ever support you and you wonder if society will ever accept you. Just today someone at the coffee shop sneered at you and made a rude comment about you to their friend. Your anxiety has increased and you're hoping that it won't turn into depression. 

I help transgender individuals gain self-confidence and self-trust. Understanding one's identity can be difficult and complex, but it also can be quite rewarding. I give transgender individuals a safe, nonjudgmental space in which to explore their thoughts and feelings. I also give them tools with which they can increase their assertiveness, decrease their anxiety and enhance their support network. Life is short enough as it is; why waste it doubting the person we are meant to be?

If you would like to experience the peace that comes from inner-confidence and a knowledge of who you are, contact me today at 216-309-1559 to talk about how we might work together.