is adulting stressing you out?

You obtained your dream job and moved to a new city. You made some new friends in this city, but you realized after awhile that they seem happier than you. They seem to be content with their place in life. You are not. You're frequently questioning things. You wonder if your job is indeed the right one for you, you question whether you wouldn't be better off in another city, you wonder if your parents will stop helping you financially, and you wonder if your boyfriend is "the one." All in all, you are confused, and your confusion is making you anxious, if not depressed. 

I help young professionals examine their life and gain some clarity. Growing up is hard, but it is also an exciting time, full of personal growth. I give young professionals tools to gain hope, grow self-confidence and master assertiveness. I believe that you have the ability to control your own destiny; you just need some help along the way.

If you would like to stop your confusion before it turns into depression or exasperation, contact me at 216-309-1559 to talk about how I can help.